The training and certification growth path 

What is ARP?

Improving the reliability and performance of an industrial facility is so important. The facility will be safer, have fewer environmental incidents, will provide security and job satisfaction to employees, and financial rewards to the owners and shareholders.  If you are a part of the team tasked to improve reliability, the ARP program will start by teaching you the big picture [ADVOCATE level], educate you on how to be an effective Reliability Engineer [RELIABILITY ENGINEER Level], and train you on how to lead a successful implementation [RELIABILITY PROGRAM LEADER Level].


You can earn internationally respected certification that recognizes your knowledge and time in the industry, or you can progress further and become recognized for your proven experience. Attending the JumpStart your Reliability Journey workshop can be the start of your journey.



The journey begins with a three-day course that provides the entire picture of reliability - it is like the JumpStart your Reliability Journey™ 1-day event on steroids. We recommend watching the training videos before the workshop - without charge - and you have the option to become certified*, and of course, you will learn so much more. You are also bound to get more from the JumpStart your Reliability Journey workshops, and you will have great questions to ask the presenter.

We just ask that you don't share the videos. We just want to educate you. Perhaps you would consider having other members of your team attend the ARP-A ADVOCATE course in the future - or we can conduct the course at your site. Companies achieve great results when everyone understands the challenges, rewards, and strategy. 



The path to improved reliability involves a variety of technical challenges, and the ARP-E RELIABILITY ENGINEER course (and exam) prepares you for those challenges. The challenges include the development of the asset strategy with techniques such as RCM, FMECA, and PMO, criticality analysis, RCA, reliability data analysis (Weibull, Crow AMSAA, and others), establishing a condition monitoring program, precision and proactive maintenance, and so much more!

The five-day course is intensive, but worth it - the topics covered are essential.

If you aspire to become a Reliability Engineer, the JumpStart your Reliability Journey™ workshop will give you a tremendous head-start, but if I were you, you should take advantage of the opportunity to take the entire ARP ADVOCATE course on-line. 




The ARP-L RELIABILITY PROGRAM LEADER course and certification program is for the true leader of the reliability and performance improvement initiative. Someone must guide the Reliability Engineers and liaise with senior management and other plant management. The main focus of the course is to understand the economics of reliability and establish the value of the program to gain the commitment of senior management, to develop the strategy, and to establish a culture of reliability and performance.

This is also a five-day course, but you will learn so much - there is no other like this in the industry.

Again, the JumpStart your Reliability Journey™ workshop will help you if you wish to start a new program or revive an existing program. And the people teaching the workshop can help you on your journey, with additional education for you, the reliability team, and the entire workforce - and by providing consulting advice to help you take control of your program.

At last there is a growth path to educate us from the basics of reliability, through the details of reliability engineering, to the skills necessary to lead a successful program, all with respected certification.